About the owner


Meet Rikke Therkildsen, some call her Mr. Rikki – but actually she is not a Mister and her name ends with an ‘e’… Is the name really important? Well yes and no – of course who you are and what you stand for matters, but your name is also part your identity and it is usually the first thing your learn about a person when you meet or get in touch electronically.

Anyway, welcome – can’t wait to meet you!

We may eventually add some CV-ish information in here, but for now we will just describe  a woman with many talents, a big heart and a deepfelt wish to make people happy – especially in their workplace. Competences include:

  • Interior design – especially of commercial spaces and office environments.
  • Project management (from project identification to evaluation)
  • Event management (from idea to holding and evaluating the event)
  • Problem solving – optimization of the workplace (from issue identification to implementation of solutions).
  • Sparring and feedback on products and service (super user).
  • Network management – join the free CAHAW network
  • CAHAW intervention – small events to help create a happy workplace.

Rikke has many talents and can help you or your company at multiple levels and with multiple tasks. With maximum flexibility for you.

Check out the services and brands section for examples of what 1GATE can provide or test it by sending a request using the below link…