A book in the making

Welcome to the 1gate blog. This blog will focus on the book I have decided to write. It will follow the process, the ups and downs, it will share findings and discuss topics covered. It may even share parts of the book as it takes form. I am very excited, because the topic is very dear to me: How to create a great place to work. In Denmark a Travel Agency has the slogan “Holidays, from which you never want to go home” showing people hiding in funny places from the guides to avoid being “sent home”. My book shall inspire people and companies to do their utmost to create workplaces you look forward to go to and hate to leave. Inspired by Alexander Kjerulf, among others, and his mission to create “arbejdsglæde” (to be happy with your work) with books like “Happy hour from 9 to 5” and a company like Woohoo Inc. I love it!! Inspired by my collaboration with Mads and the creation of the CAHAW (Create a happy workplace) network. My focus however will equally be on the physical workspace and how facilities and surroundings effect people and their performance… based on my experience working for a Danish furniture manufacturer, doing commercial office export projects. Actually the physical elements will be at the backbone of the book, and create the topics.

In short the book will be 1gate to a better workplace.

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