A greener workplace future?

For sure we all agree that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a large impact on the world. Nothing will be exactly the same as before, but how big the changes will be, remains to be seen.

Most also support the idea that the workplace will change and not go back to the “old normal”. So let us assume for a minute that 30% of the workforce able to work from home will continue to do so in some shape or form.

Surely this will have an impact… less daily commute alone will probably be the largest contribution to reduce CO2 emissions and thus have an immediate positiv effect on climate changes. But will it be the only one? Electricity, heating/cooling, wear and tear on the office equipment will probably be the same, maybe slightly higher as the commercial office will still be operating and the home office will also need to “run” in the daytime, where the home before was empty perhaps.

But apart from the daily commute to and from the office, the trend has shown that when forced to, online meetings to a large extend can work fairly well. This will, by all likelihood, reduce face-to-face meetings for a large part and reduce travel a lot. Even when the world re-opens the wish and need to travel will be less and this may have a even larger positive effect towards a greener world. Not good news for the airlines, hotels and travel industry in general, but good news for mother nature.

So let us embrace the changes coming – it is for the good of the world and everyone in it. The side effects of partial working from home will also be significant – benefits increased productivity, better work-life balance (if done right), less disturbances etc. So it will all be for the better is my take!

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