Get inspired to the best possible workplace design

1GATE is a business consultancy and event management company with multiple offerings. Under 1GATE lies several sub-brands, but the core expertise lies within workplace design. Both physical design and the mental design. How to improve and create optimal workplaces is my mission. I do this via:

– interior design advice, representing HOLMRISB8 (a Danish furniture manufacturer) in the market

– Writer and speaker, writing a book combining all of the above and spreading the message

– CAHAW, a free inspirational network aiming to help people Create A HAppy Workplace.


How to measure employee productivity when they are working at home…

I was fairly provoked the other day, when I saw an ad on linked-in from a software company. They offered a product to monitor employee productivity. I did not look further into it, but I imagined they would “record” and analyze every move the employee did on their PC while at home and send a …